Apiary Program

March 2011

It was a cold winter here in the pueblo.  We had a particulary bad cold snap at the end of Jan first of Feb.  More so than normal.  Now in March we are ready to start working with the girls again!  We found at the end of Feb we had two hives that had quite a bit of bee 'poop' on the front of the hive.  Using bleach and water combo we cleaned the area and hoped that all was well.

As it turned out, we were wrong, we unwrapped the hives and found the hives that we had cleaned, did not do well at all and we ended up loosing one completely and now trying to save the other one.  All the rest are doing very well, in fact, some of the hives still had drones coming out.!  They had extra honey in the top and all seems well.  As we were to find out later, a loss of 2 hives out of 14, was't too bad.

Talking to our experts, to try and get two more sets of bees, which they say we can, the folks up north lost 80% of their hives to the harsh winter, so much for global warming!  

We have started giving the girls sugar water now and they are presently going through approx 5 gals a day.  We hope the flowers will hit the trees at the end of the month, and then the salt cedar will start next month too!

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