Adobe Premiere Elements

Project 1


Now that you have been given an overview of  Adobe Premiere Elements 2. We need to practice our skills.  This First project will help us gain: 

We will have three project to work on using Premiere Elements 2.  Now that you have provided the teacher with the topic of your first project, I think that you will have more fun than you know what to do with.  I do hope that you enjoy this series.  Please go on toTask!


You have  to decide on your project.  Now you will need to:

  1. Start gathering your information
  2. Refer to the series Mr. Matarazzo gave you - see below.

I think that it is important that you keep a journal as you become better and better with Adobe Elements, therefore, as an added initiative, your journal will be looked at and given a grade as well as your project.  More about that later.


Project Guidelines:

Length of  projects
Subjects for projects
3-4 minutes
Project graded in total.
Pictures, transitions, audio
If one part is missing, down the tubes!
Interest in pueblo
Your interest
Core subject you are currently taking
Products made in the family
Curriculum, examples, pictures, teacher info
Title - ending pages Yes
Format: Mpeg / wmv


First Things First: Getting Started

Review the information on the previous exercise.  Basically, the same format - different constellation.   As I said in the task section this is a real world exercise, students and teachers will be using your broadcast to develop classes as well as provide initial information to students.

The listing of constellations will be found at the sites listed below.  Once assigned you will be the only one working on that constellation.

Favorate Class

Interview your teacher of your favorate class.  Talk with them about:
curriculum you have currently working on as well as the material you will be doing before the end of the semester.

Checklist given to you by Mr. Matarazzo
(Good idea to use this)

Pick topic - in this case check w/ teacher
Find out information on topic - use resource section
Gather information on topic
Gather pictures on topic - the more the better

Write Narrative from notes taken while gathering info
Find more pictures if necessary
Pictures should follow narrative * Create a Storyboard
Record Narrative using Windows, Accessories, Entertainment,  Sound Recorder

The Adobe Premiere Elements 2

Lay Audio track into application/ Include your title and ending pages.
Lay Video track to go along with audio track
Make sure you have information about your instructor.  This includes proffessional as well as some personal information.  Remember practice your narrative carefully and completely.  We want you to sound as if this is just a conversation!


ConstellationsFavorate Class

Several search engines have information that you will need for this project. Remember, do not just accept the first bit of information as 'gospel', check the facts from more than one source.  

As you prepare your information for your favorate class, try and remember what it was that you enjoyed about the class,  teacher?, material?, type of  experments?  Things that you enjoyed about it.

Then put together your narrative in your own words.  Plagiarism is frowned upon and can get you into a lot of trouble. Some popular sites to check out include:


This is what you will be graded on.
Zuni High School
Adobe Elements 2 Presentation

Name: ________________________ Teacher: Matarazzo
Date : ___________________ Title of Work: ___________________
Pictures to go with Constellation
Less than 5 pictures integrated into presentation
More than 5 pictures no more than 7 pictures and at least 3 associated pictures integrated into presentation
10 or more pictures along both of stars and associated pictures integrated into presenation
Pictures of stars and associated pictures organized into the presentation.
Audio Narration incorporated into presentation
Narration is included into presentation
Narration is 3 or more mistakes and or too quiet to be heard
Narration has no mistakes and is organized in a logical manner.
Narration has no mistakes; is organized in logical manner; loud confident voice.
Integration of pictures and audio Narration.
Pictures and audio narration are in the presentation
Pictures are organized and audio matches the pictures in the presentation
Pictures are organized and audio matches the pictures in the presentation; with transitions incorporated
Pictures are organized and audio matches the pictures in the presentation; with transitions, voice and pictures end at the same time.
Transitions incorporated into presentation
No transitions are incorporated into presentation
Less than half of the pictures have transitions.
All of the pictures have transitions.
All of the pictures have transitions; transitions are move to the story along.
Title and Ending section
No title or Ending section
Part of a title or ending section
Title and ending section in place
Title and ending section; colors are pleasing; centered; and bold

Teacher Comments:


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It has been said that  "television tells most of the stories, to most of the people, most of the time." But just as the Internet has made the world of text publishing assessible to everyone, personal video production has put the medium of television into all of our hands, including you - the grade school student.

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