Visual Communicator

This Fall we are going to try something a little different.   We will have a combined Broadcasting/Multimedia class.  This means that certain students, in the class, who want to learn about broadcasating, will be able to learn the technical side of broadcasting.  The rest of the students will concentrate on learning multimedia techniques.

Our class will be working very closely with Ms.Wylie's Journalism class.  Basically, her class will come up with the stories, topics and information.  We will then assist them by providing the technical assistance to preparing their broadcasts.   Our actions are strictly behind the scene, once we have completed the broadcast we will then burn a DVD for them so that they will be able to show it to the school when they feel it is necessary.

Because we have 2 studios, and very limited room, we will be limited to six - eight students total to work in this area.  Depending upon your attitude and diligance you will be graded accordingly.  Those who feel this is just a game will be reassigned to the multimedia part of the class.

This is your chance to learn the technical side of the broadcasting without having to appear in front of the camera!

This is an index of the chapters we will be using in this section.

Chapter 3
Chapter 4