Typing  Basics w/ Microsoft Word


We have been engaged in Iraq now for several years now and the president has decided that we will leave the country later this year. Iraq will conitinue to be vitally important to the United States.  Our continued assistance and the good will of nations surrounding this country will help insure that their form of democracy will take root and be something we can all be proud of.  It has cost the United States quite a bit in terms of blood and treasure.  As a young analyst in the service of the United Nations you are responsible for recoving documents and encrypting them for dispatch overseas.  


There are six documents that have been prepared for your action.  They need to be encripted and placed in your electronic file for review and transmission.  Do not be fooled by the content that you read for the actual messages are hidden and you do not have a high enough security clearance to understand the actual information.  That's OK, you job is encrypting the messages.

Suffice to be said your job performance and recommendation to be moved to another  more challenging job depends upon how well you this mission gets completed. . 

Tundra Birds Climate Change Green House Mosquito Artarctic
Orion Hercules Pleiades QR Assignment


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) will apply:  

Documents are listed above.  

See below.

  1.  Make a folder with your 'C' Drive.  Label it .  Documents Sept 05
  2. Put a copy of the original document - Name it as listed on the document -- Example "Green House"
  3. Put a copy of the encrypted document in the same folder Name it with a 1  --- Example "Green House1"
  4. Contact your supervisor when you are completed with all of the documents for his review before dispatch.
  5. A supervisor will look at your work.


The United Nations is having a budget problems as most organizations do.  However, you will have the following resources available to you:

  1. 1ea.  PC computer w/ word processing application
  2. Time:    Time allicated by evaluator during the day.  No overtime is expected but if you are need to spend additonal time, that is your responsibility.
  3. Web sites on Internet.  Specifically --- http://www.quia.com/pages/dmatarazzo/page 
  4. http://www.microsoft.com/Education/O2kTutorial.mspx
  5. http://www.addbalance.com/word/wordwebresources.htm

Your supervisor has the time table when the documents need to be complete.  However, time is important, when he comes by your desk, make sure that you have everything ready for him.  A word to the wise, he does not tolerate waisting time well!
Well Done
Below 15
All written work is ready viewed without any grammatical errors or misspellings- Directions followed to the letter! Work is ready with minor spelling or grammatical errors. Directions followed with minor errors. Work is ready with a misspellings and grammatical errors.  Directions with errors Work is not ready for review, not done or  several spelling and grammatical errors. Directions not followed or documents incomplete.


It is important that you follow the directions and work by yourself on this exercise.   Time is important, but getting the directions followed correctly is even more important.

By: David C. Matarazzo   Ongoing throughout the year