Multimedia Class

Brochure Project I


You have just be hired and an apprentice photographer by Gimble and Sons, Denver, CO.  Since the personnel director knows that you have some experience  in photography, granted mostly 'book lern'n'.  She wants to see if you can use you new skills preparing a brochure for the company.  As you know, Gimble and Sons is one of the biggest importers of digital camera in the United States for resale to other business.  The brochure needs to be directed towards, these 'middle' business for sale to the public.  As you know brochures pack:

It also provides the personnel director some skills that you possess.

The Task

You are to put together a brochure about a digital camera.  You choose which one.

Prepare a 1 page brochure on the camera, complete with pictures on the camera's strengths.
Go back over all the areas that we have covered so far and use material that you find for your brochure.

Task Design

Use one of the designs in Microsoft Publisher that deals with brochures. You may use a pre made series or make up one yourself.  Just remember, you are trying to impress the personnel officer and she will give your material to the sales section.


First Things First: Getting Started

Brochure Statistics - 


Well Done
Below 60
Brochure Completed.  No errors, and submitted on time. Brochure Completed.  Submitted on time.  No more than 3 spelling or grammer mistakes for the entire Brochure. Brochure Completed. Submitted on time.No more than 5 spelling or grammer mistakes for the entire Brochure. Brochure not completed on time.  More than 6 spelling or grammer mistakes. 

Due Date:

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By: David C. Matarazzo   On going throughout the school year