The Process

The following suggests steps to take to complete this project.  While completing this project, ask yourself "Why is it important to know How a Computer Works?"  Most of all have fun with this!  Computers will be a part of your future at college, at work, for shopping, and for virtual communication for the foreseeable future.

1. Internal Computer Parts:  

You need to familiarize yourself with basic internal computer parts.  The ten words are in the boxes below. 'Motherboard' is the first word.  Each word has a qr linked to the web so you can go to the site when you are not in class. 

Do the following with your list:

  • Worksheet download
  • Define the word
  • Find & import an image
  • List - list, 3 charastics of each item
  • -------See Example-------example.html
Make sure that you download the worksheet & complete while you view the videos.
CD / DVD-ROM Drive

Read-Only Memory (ROM)


Graphics Processing Unit

2. Include your worksheet

3.      Journey Inside

The information here will give you an overview as well as background information.

Watch the following lessons – Include in your folder / final project a short summary and draw the most important aspect of each of the lessons and activites.  Thats 20 summaries.

A.      History of Computers

B.      Four Components of a Computer

C.      How Computers Get Input

D.      How Computers Store Information

E.       How Computers process Information

F.       How Computers Deliver Information

G.      Which is Smarter?

H.      What is Binary Code?

I.        A Bit of this and a Bit of that

J.        How Computers work with Pictures or images

K.      Binary Numbers

L.       ASCII, An Alphabet for Computers

M.     Can we go to the movies?

N.      Microprocessors

O.     Robotic Arm

P.       Fetch, Decode and Execute

Q.     The Best things come in Small Packages

R.      How do they make chips so small?

S.       Recipe for a Microprocessor

T.       Building Skyscrapers on a Wafer

Make sure that you take the quiz after each segment!

4.  Review & write what you learned with basic maintance

Maintaining your computer

3. Lastly, include a one page reflection

  • Your Folder or Packet will include:
  • Create and print a graphic title page for your group packet.

  • Internal Computer Parts Defined &  Characteristic's
  • Worksheet
  • Quarter page summary each section Journey Inside
  • Basic Maintance sheet
  • Prepare a one page reflection to be stapled to the back of the folder - see conclusion.
  • Finish:  Staple and turn in your work for credit.