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We need to practice our newsletter skills.  Instead of doing a work simply to satisfy this class, I want it to be something that you can practice your skills here and also get credit for it in another class.  Since Microsoft publisher is the standard that most businesses get with the Windows series, we will use this application to put our work together.

The Task

You are to put together a newspaper as if you are reporting on it.  Example:

Say you are studying the Civil War in Hisotry.  You could put together a Newsletter about  The surrender at Appomattox.

The newsletter would contain stories about:
You can do the newsletter about current topics within the field you are studying.  So that you can get additional credit from you topic teacher as well as this class.

Task Design

The subject area is up to you as long as it is one of your current core subject required for graduation.  


First Things First: Getting Started

You will need to decide on the subject matter.  Will it be History, Science, Biology?  You will want to pick a subject that you like and one that you will be able to get extra credit when you turn it in.

  1. Once subject has been decided then you need to decide which style of newsletter you want to use.  The wizard in Microsoft Publisher has several.  You will want a type that fits the 'mood' of your subject.  -  Example:  If you are writing about the death of President Roosevelt - you would not want to use a newsletter style showing happy things.
  2. Make sure the pictures you use go with the articles that you prepare
  3. Check stories or articles for proper grammar and English.  Your English teacher will probably see the newsletter!
  4. Remember the priority of your articles - look over the material that you read in class.
  5. The newsletters must be different type of style.  Do not use the same style for both publications.
  6. Remember:  Most importantly, the stories have to be in your own words.  None of this copy and paste from a book or article you read.  You must:
    1. Read the articles
    2. Digest the information
    3. Write the article in YOUR OWN WORDS

Magazine Statistics


Well Done
Below 60
Newsletter Completed.  No errors, and submitted on time. Newsletter Completed.  Submitted on time.  No more than 3 spelling or grammer mistakes for the entire newsletter. Newsletter Completed. Submitted on time.No more than 5 spelling or grammer mistakes for the entire newsletter. Newsletter not completed on time.  More than 6 spelling or grammer mistakes. 

Due Date:

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By: David C. Matarazzo   On going throughout the school year