Spreadsheet Series




Now that you have had a chance to get used to spreadsheets, it is time for us to put together a gradebook.  Why you may ask? Well, because it seems that most students don't understand how important an average is and how quickly things can go down hill if they don't complete the work or worse yet, take a zero for a specific project.  Averaging and totals allow us all to see if we are progressing the way that will help us out when we graduate from school and start earning a living.  The world does not owe any of us a living, we have to compete and earn it.!

List 25 students,they can be your best friends or strangers or some name that you just made up.  Both first and last name

Last Name First Name grade 1 grade 2 grade 3..... Average

Discuss in your Spreadsheet Journal, what effect a zero has when there is 10, 20, 30 grades.

Organize Data

Record the data in the table below for your 5 students.

Graph the Data

Make a first-quadrant graph of the data by plotting the above points, letting the x axis represent the number of right-handed letters and the y axis represent the number of left-handed letters. 

Analyze the Data

  1. Draw the Ambidextrous Line, y=x and explain why I'm calling it by that name.
  2. What do the points above the line represent? Below the line?
  3. Explain the significance of points being near the line?
  4. What percentage of your class is left-handed
 Research Question

See if you can find out what percentage of the population is left-handed.

Optional: Use Technology

Use a spread sheet to record and graph the data.

Once you have finished you will need to put a section in your  Spreadsheet Journal.  No more than two paragraphs each- No less than one paragraph.  Use examples within the paragraph.  Clarify?  ask the teacher

Due date: See Quia page!

Check your Quia Page for due date!