Spreadsheet Series

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Most of you remember this exercise from the middle school, then again you may not.  This exercise requires that we make a simple but effective spread sheet  that will assist you in understanding that mastering functions.   This spread sheet will require that you:

The paragraph(s) are to be put into a Spreadsheet Journal.  No more than two paragraphs each- No less than one paragraph.  You may use examples within the paragraph, provided that it is not the only thing you have in the paragraphs.  Clarify?  ask the teacher

Spreadsheet will have:


Place Hamburger Soda French Fries Desert Total 1
Quiznos $ 5.35 $2.68 $6.98 $4.01 Function SUM
First Sum total Total 2
tax rate * sum total Tax (Rate 8.753%)
SUM First + tax rate Grand Total

Due Date:  See Quia page!

Check your Quia Page for due date!