Spreadsheet Series




Here on the pueblo, we have a lot of our citizens that make fetishes, pottery, and painting for a living.  There has to be a way for them to determine how much they need to charge for their creations to be able to earn a living.  You will need to create a spreadsheet that will determine how much parents, uncles, friends need to charge based on the factors listed below.

Once you have finished you will need to put a section in your  Spreadsheet Journal.  No more than three paragraphs each- No less than two paragraph.  Use examples within the paragraph.  Clarify?  ask the teacher

You will need to create three Spreadsheets for this exercise.  They  will be:

Here is a basic template you may use.  Remember, it may change depending on paintings or pottery different costs, different items.


Don't make this more complicated than it is, THINK, on what you want done.  Remember: Eat the elephant one bite at a time!

There are three parts you need to have they are:

Arrange your spreadsheet accordingly.

Supplies *  (example)

Item Quantity Price Total
Silver 2 $ 8.75 $ 17.50
Buffing compound 3 $ 1.29 $ 3.87

*   Supplies include all items that you use to prepare an object.  If working on jewelry, it would include things like, electric motors for plishing the item.  How do we price this?   Cost is $100.00,   It is going to work for 500 hours, before you have to replace it  =100/500 or  $ .20 per hour.   I will use it for 2 hours for buffing.
Electric Motor 2 $ .20 $ .40

Utilities:   I've given you two items,  you need 4 more

 Item Monthly Bill Daily cost (30) Hour (8hr Day)
Rent $550.00
Car $275.00

Labor:  This is how much you are going to pay yourself, your working is worth something and needs to be included:  Remember this will include:

Are there others, yes, but we won't worry about it now.   Use,  8% for Federal, and 2% for State.   Total of 10%  that you will need to add on to your labor so that you can give to the Feds and state.  (Remember groceries, hamburger?)  No different..

Labor Cost/hr Quantity Total
Mine & others? $18.50 2.5 =(C25)*(D25)

Then we need to pull  them all together to find out how much I need to charge for this item to cover all my expenses.

Due date:  See Quia page!