Spreadsheet Series




Most of us do our shopping in Gallup on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Now we are going to  visit a clothing store and see how the business- at the cashier station tells us how much we owe.  Not hard but follow the directions.

Once you have finished you will need to put a section in your  Spreadsheet Journal about what you learned doing this spreadsheet.  Call it Clothes.  No more than three paragraphs each- No less than two paragraph.  Use examples within the paragraph.  Clarify?  ask the teacher

You will need to create one Spreadsheet for this exercise.  Call it... Clothes.  

Here is the template


You will need at least 20 items

Item Price Quantity Total
Pants $15.95 $47.85
at least 20 items
Total (function)
Tax Rate  6.55% (function)
Grand total (function)