Microsoft Excel Series




Most of us don't really worry about utilities as we live with them always.   What exactly is a 'utility'  no...... it is not something we catch at the ballpark.  Utilites are items that, at home for the most part, we can count on them being a constant payout for us.  Example:  Water bill, Telephone bill, and Gas bill are the most common when we talk about utilities.

For this exercise, we are going to add several more so we can get the experience of using our spreadsheet to figure costs for us.   For this exercise, you are going to have to figure out, how much to break down your utilities.  

Remember:  for accounting purposes, every month has Thirty (30) days!   Always....always......always! 

Item Bill  Monthly Daily Hourly

Here are a list of items for you to use as monthly expenses.   You will need to come up with an additonal  four (4) Items for a total of 13.       Remember to make a journal entry to tell me about what you have learned.

Water  $25.00 Telephone   $87.50 Propane     $1.85 @    81 gals.
Electric  $ 74.66 Rent  $475.00 Insurance - Home   $27.50
Insurance Car  $118.00 Insurance Health   $200.00 Life Insurance  $38.00


Set up your spreadsheet to incorporate the breakdown listed above.  Remember to take it step by step.

  • How many days in a month?
  • How many hours in a day?

What does our function have to look like to get these figures?  Take your time!  Once you have figured out the costs down to the hour.  Show the following grand total for all the items:

Time Amount
1 Hour $---.--
3 Hours $---.--
15 Hours $---.--
15 Minutes $---.--
30 Minutes $---.--