Microsoft Excel Series




You have just joined the NOAA in Tampa Florida.  You will have two assignments in this project.  They both deal with graphing.  Microsoft Excel has the capability to make easily make graphs.  Not just any graphs, what we call dynamic graphs. 


Using the data listed in Process below:

  • Prepare a Pie chart (graph) using  the percent of Hurricanes and locations listed below.
  • Prepare a series of graphs following the information in process.

Once you have finished you will need to put a section in your  Spreadsheet Journal about what you learned doing this project.  No more than three paragraphs each- No less than two paragraph.  Use examples within the paragraph.  Clarify?  ask the teacher

You will need to create one Spreadsheet for this exercise..  


Look at a couple of the tutorials about graphing and read the information.  Look at:
 Graphing with Excel
 Internet classrooms
Choosing the right graph
Graphing data and curve fitting

Set up your spreadsheet to incorporate the breakdown listed above.  Remember to take it step by step.

Assignment 1 :

The following data is provided to you to prepare a pie gr
Area Percentage
Western Atlantic Ocean 12%
Eastern Pacific Ocean 15%
South Atlantic Ocean 0%
North Indian Ocean 12%
South Indian Ocean 12%
North/West Australian 7%
South Pacific Ocean 12%
Western North Pacific Ocean 30%
TOTAL 100%

Highlight the data and look for the bar chart icon.  Work through it until you get it right.  Internet classrooms looks like it is a good one to follow.

What happens to the pie chart when the  30% in the Western North Pacific Ocean is changed to 15%?
Write in your journal about what this spreadsheet does with the changes.

What happens when you sort the location and percent.-- NOTE:  Make sure you highlight both the location and the percent or you will not get an accurate data picture.

Assignment 2:

You will need to go to the NOAA web site to find the data.   Once you hit the page given you look for the 2005 Records section. Make at least three different graphs using:   Write in your journal which is your favorate  

Make at least 2 graphs using:
Number of  hurricanes by

Make at least 2 graphs using:
Major vs. minor hurricanes

Make at least 2 graphs using
Number that hit land and those that missed