Power Point



  • Come up with a Newsletter title based on the material at hand.
  • Put the articles in priority that YOU think is important - Be prepared to justify your actions.
  • Find appropriate picture from the Internet to go along with the newsletter.  Use 1or 2 picts per page.
  • You will need to determine the formatting.
  • Use Microsoft Publisher as your application
  • Must be completed by:  See Quia for date

Write as many stories as necessary for your newsletter
Use Microsoft Word/ Publisher
Templates are provided Choose appropriate one.
Minimum:  4 pages
Maximum:  6 pages
Use pictures as necessary -- at least 2 per page.
Font:  Use a standard font, easy to read!
Evaluation:  See Evaluation rubric
Article assistance:  Article Prep

Power Point


Remember when preparing any power point presentation:

  • Step 1:  Gather your information
  • Step 2:  Prepare a rough outline
  • Step 3:  Prepare your slides in detail.
  • Step 4:  Take all the words, lists on your slides -- Cut and Paste them into the notes section below the slide
  • Step 5:  Take one word from each line that represents the idea place on slide
  • Step 6:  Arrange in different types of order until your pleased with it.
  • Step 7:  Try to find a graphic that you can replace the word with. Including main topic word. (be consistant though - slide either have words or graphics.
  • Step 8:  Animate.
  • Step 9:  Choose background.  Rule of thumb - If your presenting with an overhead projector - light background Dark words. If a standard LCD or on the computer.  Dark background - light words.
  • Step 10:  Practice, practice, and more practice.  Then practice some more!

Choose any of the subjects listed in Web Site Used.

Use Microsoft Powerpoint for your presentation.

Minimum :   Title & Ending                                 slides
                    8 Body Slides

Maximum:  Title & Ending                               slides
                            15 Body Slides

Due Date:  See Quia

Evaluation:  See rubric

Assistance:  Power Point Tutorial.