Gold (5)
Silver (3-4)
Bronze (2)
Nickel (0-1)


Complete and correct historic content, free from grammatical errors

6 complete pages

Mostly complete content, few to no grammatical errors

4 complete page & 2 incomplete page

Somewhat complete content, some grammatical errors

2 complete page

Incomplete content, many grammatical errors

1 incomplete page
Cooperative Efforts

No off topic talking, group cooperation, always on task

Little off topic talking, group cooperates, work well together, mostly on task

Some off topic talking, some cooperation, some off task behavior

Constant off topic talking, little to no cooperation, off task

Layout & Design

6 pages eye appealing, appropriate use of all graphics & layout is clean and font is readable, creative title

Four  complete pages, correct use of graphics, layout and font are somewhat appropriate, somewhat creative title

Both pages eye appealing, second page incomplete, graphics inserted haphazardly, good title

Incomplete layout on all pages, no graphics, poor non-creative title

Knowledge of Software

Mastered the necessary components to complete project. Can teach others.

Requires little help from the instructor. Can teach others with some assistance.

Requires some help from the instructor.

Requires constant assistance from instructor.

Scale of Grades - Cumulative Points
17 - 20 Points --->>> A

12 - 16 Points --->>> B

8 - 11 Points ---->>> C

4 - 7 Points ----->>> D

0 - 3 Points ----->>> F