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This project is to help you in different ways  

You are to take the words from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd vocab lists a total of 25 words and prepare a running Vocab journal.


You are to take a word such as Passwords, from the list in vocab 1.  Put down the definition appearing in the activities.  Once that is in place, go to one  of the search engines, such a google, and look up different definitions, placing them under the initial defintion along with their URL.  Lastly, I want you to put your meaning of the word.  Then, go to the next word.

1.  Passwords       

  1. Words used by individuals to protect their time online or their e-mail.  ZHS Vocab activities
  2. A Password is a secret word or code, which a user must supply during a Login to demonstrate that he is, in fact, the person he claims to be. It is one-half of a typical set of Credentials used in Authenication. The other half is the User ID.  http://mtechit.com/concepts/password.html
  3. A secret sequence of characters that is used as a means of authentication.
  4. Words, codes or sets of characters used to identify a user and permit access to a computer system.
  5. My defintion:- after looking at the different definitions I've found, then I write what it means to me.



Your supervisor has the time table when the documents need to be complete.

Well Done
Below 30

All 25 word and defintions as outlined above. Between 20-25 words and defintions as outlined above 15-19 words and defintions as outlined above Less than 10 words and definitions as outlined above


Vocabulary and vocab building is vital when trying to communicate with others.  In technology as well as other areas, we need to all be on the same sheet of music.  Vocabulary is the foundation on what we build in our profession.

Updated:  As Required

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