typer How Camera's Work Typer

It is very important that we get 'a grip' on some of the basic areas of a digital camera.   I would like for you to:

A.  Review How Camera's work.   

B.  Once you have finished that section I would like for you to look at the following

Introduction to How Digital Cameras Work A Filmless Camera* Digital Camera Resolution *
Capturing Color *
More on Capturing Color
Exposure and Focus
Storing Digital Photos Summary

How it Works
How Camcorders Work How Cameras Work How Autofocus Cameras Work
How Camera Flashes Work How Photographic Film Works How Webcams Work
How Scanners Work Why are there so many different image formats on the Internet? Why are my digital photograph files so huge while photos on other Web sites are much smaller?

Once you have gone though the entire listing above,  I want you to:

You will be able to use your journal when we have a quiz - and also get points when I come by.