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First Project


You have finished your first job on the brochure, and the Personnel staff was impressed, she is not going to release you back into the job market.  Not bad for a youngster! 

As impressed as the personnel officer was here at Gimble and Sons, she says that you will have to prove yourself by  working for the Public Relations (PR) section for 3 months or so as their desktop publisher.  Your boss, Mr. Matarazzo, a brilliant PR head, and all around good guy, feels you will get a good foundation in the PR division at Gimble and Sons. As your supervisor he does not want to just throw you into the water or the pressure of  the job just yet.   He wants to get a feel of  your organizational as well as how you follow directions. You will get a chance to use some of  your photographic skills, but just a little.

The Task

At Gimble and Sons, many employees use the same files throughout the company so do not be surprised to find formatting or other material in the file.  Since this is the first time Gimble and Sons, have thought about puting out this type of  newsletter, you will be able to 'lead the way'.  You will need to decide on whic format you will want to use as well as color combination, font size, type as well as the layout. 

For many years Gimble and Sons, have published a different type of  monthly Newsletter.  Your boss has decided that this project would be a good one for you to 'cut your teeth' on.  

There are five different areas you can use in your newsletter creation, they are:

Choosing a Digital Camera Buying a digital camera checklist

Digital camera features such as

  • Advanced settings
  • Modes
  • Camera Parts
  • Shooting modes

Accessories such as:

  • Batteries/chargers
  • Camera bags
  • Lenses and adapters
  • Flashes
  • Filters
  • Memory cards
Working with images

If you do not find enough information in one area, then you should draw upon other areas.  Just make sure that you follow 'The Process' below.  

You will need to decide which picture you are to find on the internet and use before the boss will allow you to use the $780.00 camera we have at the company.  What will impress him is how imagitive you are at finding the pictures that will go along with the story.  


Use the assigned desk and the PC that has been provided for your use.  You are not allowed to bring in any applications from home as Gimble and Sons, is concerned about viruses and spyware.  Other companies understand the competitive nature of this business.  The following resources are available to you:


The Process

You will need to:

The boss will base his evaluation on:

Well Done
Below 60
Newsletter Completed.  No errors, and submitted on time. Newsletter Completed.  Submitted on time.  No more than 3 spelling or grammer mistakes for the entire newsletter. Newsletter Completed. Submitted on time.No more than 5 spelling or grammer mistakes for the entire newsletter. Newsletter not completed on time.  More than 6 spelling or grammer mistakes. 

Learning Advice

Remember, you have several other people in the office.  Some are as new as you, some old hands.  Use their skills and have them check your work.  Two eyes are better than one for spotting mistakes.  Questions??? Ask the boss!


Once you have completed your newsletter, I want you to reflect on this project.  In your journal, discribe, in detail, the steps you took to create your newsletter.  I expect you to take your time and really tell me what you did and why.  Yes, this will be looked at and you will be given a grade.

By: David C. Matarazzo   On going throughout the school year

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