Digital Camera Tips
Digital Photos

You have been learning about how digital cameras work.  An important foundation, now it is important to look at some of the different types of pictures we can take with our cameras. Start going through these series and I think you will enjoy them as we prepare to take some pictures.  Do not be surprised if we have a couple of quizes over some of the material.

Photographing people & animals
Photographing holidays & events

Photographing vacations & travel
Tips for camera phone pictures

More advanced techniques
1.  Look your subject in the eye
2.  Use a plain background
3.  Use flash outdoors
4.  Move in close
5.  Move it from the middle
6.  Lock the focus
7.  Know your flash's range
8.  Watch the light
9.  Take some vertical pictures
10.  Be a picture director

We do have digital cameras in our classroom that you can sign up for them.

Updated:  As necessary during the school year.