Action Series

Distorting an image
Resizing and Sampling

Re-coloring an Aging photo (see below)

I think that you will enjoy this series, I call them action series as they really let you have some fun with Elements while learning to use the menu.

Photoshop Elements has included some guided instruction for some complex procedures-  These are in the 'How To' palette.  Each step in the process is explained, and the computer can automatically do some of the steps for you. - sometimes called 'wizards'.

The good thing about these is thaty will take you step by step while you learn the procedure. But remember they usually are less flexible and slower than doing it on your own.

Re-coloring an Aged Photo

  1. Open the file you wish to work on
  2. Palette bin, expand the How To palette.
  3. Expand the  Adding Special Effects topic by clicking on its triangle.
  4. Click on Create an Old Fashioned photo.
  5. Follow the steps in the recipe. Click on the Do this for me text to have Elements carry out the commands automatically.
  6. Use File>Save As  to save you image under a new name.