Basic Editing Techniques

Customizing View

Before you go on, you may want to set up the interface the way you want

View Menu, drag down to and check next to Rulers

Zooming In / Out
Select View>Zoom In
Select View>Zoom Out
You can also use the slider and mouse wheel

Adjusting Shadows and Highlights
  1. Original scan file open select Enhance>Adjust
  2. Lighting>Shadows/Highlights
  3. Drag the slide under Lighten Shadows to improve the exposure. Click the Preview off and on to test the effect!
  4. To fix wased out bright areas, drag the slider under Darken Highlights
  5. Click the OK button to apply changes
Time travel with Undo History
Something goes wrong?  Select Edit>Undo
Really screwed up? you can use the Edit>Revert to Saved command.  This will reload the original file.

Sharpening the image
May or may not help.  Just remember no program can make something out of focus, focused!  The following may help.
Select Filter>Sharpen>Sharpen
Not like the results? Edit>Undo Sharpen

Contrary to name, the Unsharp Mask actually sharpens the image by adjusting the adjoining pixels.
  1. Select Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask
  2. Set the Amount to 100, the Radius to 2, and the Threshold to 2.
  3. Click the Preview button on and off to check the effect
  4. Clcik OK to process the effect
Adjusting Color and Saturation

Picture come back from photo lab, they usuall brighten the colors, deep blue skys and bright reds.  If you like this effect, you can do this to your images as well.

Select Enhance>Adjust Color>Adjust Hue/Saturation.  Experiment with adjusing the intensity of the colors and tinting. Click OK when finished.
  1. Try using the Variations commend by Selecting Enhance>Adjust Color>Color Variations.
  2. By clicking repeately you will keep ajusting the color balance.  If screwed up click the Reset Image button to restor original settings.
  3. Like the results, click OK
Instant Sun Tan
  1. Select Enhance>Adjust Color>Adjust Color for Skintone..
  2. Click the Eyedropper tool on any portion of the kids skin.
  3. Drag the slider to adjust the color of the skin.
  4. Click OK when your happy with the settings.
Turn Down the Noise
We do not have film grain with our digital camerias, however digital photography calls this interference 'digital noise' or simply 'noise'. It commonly occurs when taking pictures in low light or when the camera's light sensitivity is turned way up.  To minimize this noise

  1. Open the file Noise.
  2. Select Filter>Noise>Reduce Noise
  3. Click the + button to zoom in to 200% size to better see the noise.
  4. Drag the 3 sliders to adjust the settings.
  5. Click the Preview button on and off to check the effect.
  6. When happy click the OK button.