Exploring the Palette Bin

Right side of the control center.  Starts with How to..

You will be using this section quite a bit, so we need to become familiar with it.
You will need to be able to expand and condense the various palettes to see the different tools.


Expand the view of Style and Effects palette
In the pull down menu that probably now says Effects, drag down to select Filters.

Note what happens.

The Five default palettes

How To Styles and Effects Undo History Navigator Layer
Provides step-by-step recipies for some imaging techniques. Actually three palettes: Effects, Filters, and Layer Styles. Various tools for applying special effects. Allows you to step back through multiple changes. Lets you quickly zoom in and out while viewing an image. Allows you to isolate separate parts of your image.

Once you have gone through the different effects, try them with one of the pictures that you have at the bottom of the photo bin. what happen when you put an effect on one of them?

List in your Journal at least 5 different things from the default palettes.  How long did it take to effect the change?, what did you think of the change?  How do you think you may use the change in what you are going to do?

This will be checked.