Getting Help

Adobe photoshop elements has a great on screen help series.  

  1. Menu  Help>Photoshop Elements Help
  2. Notice the help series is in a separate window.  You can resize the window and move it around.  You can also Minimize it as well.
  3. A list of help topics appears, Click on one of them, Specific help appears on the right part of the window.
  4. There are four icons, on the left side, Contents, Index, Search, Bookmarks.  Click the Contents icon to display the Help contents.
  5. Expand the Help Topics to see the table of contents.
  6. Click the Index tab to get an alphabetical list of topics
  7. Use the Previous and Next buttons to step through the screens you viewed
  8. Close the Help window by clicking the Close box in the upper right corner of the help window.