The Photo Bin

Bottom of the control center.  Make sure that the photo Bin is visible, if not, click on the expand triangle at the bottom of the screen.

If you havn't already done it.

  1. Select File>Open and open the your test _ 1 file.
  2. Select File>Open and open the your test _ 2 file.
  3. Select File>Open and open the your test _ 3 file.
  4. Click on each of the small images in the photo bin and notice that it is displayed in the large image window.
  5. Finish bymaking the picture or test 1 active.

Switch between images

Photo Bin is the fastest way to switch between open files.

  1. Click on test 2  in the photo Bin to work on it.
  2. To see multiple images at one time, select Windows>Images>Cascade.  Now simply click anywhere in the other  image's windows to make it the active window.
  3. To see images split screen, select Window>images>Tile.
  4. Back to full screen view, select Window>Images>Maximize Mode.
  5. To see you image even a larger, close Photo Bin and Palette Bin.  Click both of their arrows near the bottom edges of the screen.
  6. Expand the Photo and Palette Bins again.

Yep, a journal entry on switching between images is in order.  Think about what you want to say, and write something that will be helpful to you.
Graded at some point!