typer Adobe Photoshop
Elements 4.0

Goal: 100% of students will understand the Photoshop application and score 80% overall on unit assessments.

You have had a class by the instructor on this application.  Now it is time to learn a little about it yourself.

Lets look at the workspace first, take a few minutes to look at this page and go through the different series.  

There are two section that photoshop allows us to use,

The Quick fix mode, The Standard Edit Mode.

The Quick fix mode is a good one  when you need to tweak a few photos in a hurry.  Once you do understand the method the the programs madness, you can do a really good job of cleaning many of the problems in your photos.

The Standard Edit Mode is where we will be doing a lot of our work.

Initial software training for review
This includes:
Elements Overview Running Elements

Go through the Quick fix mode to get a feel for the program.  Follow the instructions that you find there.  You will need to start your Elements Journal.  This will be graded along with your pictures.  Make sure that you check the rubric page as you are working Go through the Standard Edit Mode for an overview of this part of the program.  Follow the instructions that you find there as well.  Follow the instructions. Make sure that you check the rubric page as you are working

Assignment Page



Go toHelp>Photoshop Elements Help
Contents you will find the tutorials.  Start with #1

Help sites

Tutorial 1  
Photoshop Elements work space

Tutorial 2  Straighten a Crooked Image with the Crop Tool

Tutorial 3
How to use Photoshop Actions in Elements
Tutorial 4  
Creating Custom Brushes in Elements

Tutorial 4  
Free items for Elements
Tutorial 6
Use Free Photoshop content in Elements

Performing Common Tasks Cutting, Copying, and Pasting
 Rotating and Cropping
 Resizing Documents and the Canvas
 Undoing and Redoing
 Drawing and Painting
 Using the Grid and Rulers


Beginning here tutorials


Here is a tutorial site that we will use.  Starting place
This will reinforce what you just looked at earlier in workspace.  There are a lot more pictures