Quick Fix

Make sure you are in the Qucik Fix mode.  Seetbutton in the upper right of the window.  

1.  Copy and paste the following picture into your Folder "Photoshop" - sub folder "Quick Fix", name it Test1.

2.  Go to File --> Open,  find the picture, and open it.

3.   Below the lower -left corner of picture, dragdown in the view: box to select Before and After (Portrait).

Go to the internet and get, 3 pictures. Save them in the quick fix folder, name them Test 2,Test 3, Test 4. and see what kind of difference you find using the quick fix mode.

Put your observations into your Photoshop Elements 4 Journal, and record your observations.  Yes, they will be looked at for grade.

Now go back to the index page and go to the Standard Edit Mode.