The Toolbox

  1. The toolbox is a long strip on the left edge of your screen.  It has the basic painting and editing tools.  If you puse on the tool, it's name appears.
  2. You can tear off the Toolbox to move it to another position.  Try it now, by dragging it by its top bar to another part of the screen.
  3. When you 'float' the toolbox, the tools now appear in two columns.
  4. You'll probably want to keep the toolbox locked on the left edge of the screen, though.  Drag it back.
  5. Click on the Zoom tool (magnifying glass) in the Toolbox.
  6. Notice that at the top of the screen is an Options bar with setting for that particular tool.

  1. Click on other tools and notice how the Options bar changes
  2. Some tools have small triangles in the bottom right corner, this shows that their are other related tools that you can choose from.
Try the different tools and become familiar with them.  A journal entry would be appropriate for each one!

Here is a listing of all the tools we can use
Using the Tools
Move Zoom Hand Eyedropper
Marquee Lasso Magic Wand Selection Brushes
Type and Type Mask Tools Crop Cookie Cutter Straighten
Red Eye Removal Healing Brushes Stamp Tools Erasers
Brushes Paint Bucket Gradient Shape Tools
Focus Tools Tone Tools