Course Description Form
Computer Lit                                                                                                      1/2    credit /   Semester-long course  

Course Description:    Formal introduction to computers and computer technology including their history, maintenance and introduction into key applications important in school.

Objectives:    Students will gain a basic understanding of computer technology as a tool which they can use school classes.  They will have learned keyboarding techniques as well as basic understanding of word processing, newsletter, and resume application skills.

Major Units of Study:

Course Textbook(s):    None- Material in the form of software or text from the Internet.  All projects, quizzes, are due on date published.  Students absent, will have 10 working days to turn in late assignments, with 10% deduction per day.

Final Assessment:    Projects throughout the semester include basic and moderate story word processing exercises, a hardware project, preparing newsletter, preparing several spreadsheets.  If  time, students will also prepare a resume and a power point presentation.

Materials Needed:    pencils, notebook, most work such as journals will be done electronically

Prerequisites:    None

Meets graduation     
requirement for:
    Class of 2011-12"