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Digital Photo
Lesson Plan 

OBJECTIVE:   Students will learn to use Microsoft publisher, brochure area.  This will allow them to practice several skills they are reinforcing in this class.  They include: typing skills, looking up data specifice about digital cameras, deciding which brochure they will use, and justifying why they picked that particular one.  They will also decide on graphics that will accompany the brochure, along with spelling and grammar skills.  Since brochures are small and require higher level skills on priority of ideas, and placement of information.  


  1. Following directions of project.
  2. Research information on digital cameras
  3. Decision on which camera they will pick
  4. Research on particular item
  5. Set up Microsoft application. 
  6. Decide on format 
  7. Prepare articles
  8. Decide on graphics to accompany articles
  9. Priority of articles
  10. Spelling and grammar


  1. Following directions
  2. Material organization
  3. Spelling and grammar
  4. Final audio product



One way that people learn about places, people, or things that they do not know is by reading about them. But what if they don't have time to read a whole book or they just want a quick overview of the subject? Businesses often use brochures to inform, educate, or persuade — quickly. They use a brochure to grab the readers attention and get them interested enough to want to know more.  A brochure for a new convenience store might have a map and list of all the locations around town and a brief description of the types of food products it sells. The brochure for an Animal Shelter may give facts about abandoned animals, pet overpopulation, and the importance of spaying and neutering programs. A travel brochure may show beautiful pictures of exotic places — making you want to visit that city or country.

Overall directions and students following those directions

  1. Research
  2. Prepare articles 
  3. Decission making on format

Students assisting each other 
Teacher grading final products.


  1. Use the Internet
  2. Preparing articles
  3. Graphic decissions
  4. Format used in brochure


  1. Teacher Observation
  2. Written skills 
  3. Final Product -



Guidance while students are in each of the activities.  Ask questions as necessary throughout this activity


Prepare additional brochures to reinforce skills.