Keyboarding / Typing Skills

OBJECTIVE: Students will become familiar with basic keyboarding and word processing on PC’s.   During the course of the semester, they will be able to gain speed and confidence in their ability to use selected word processing applications found in business and the community.


1.Familiar with where keys are located on the keyboard. 
2.Familiar with where the number keys are located on the keyboard
3.Start tutor program 
4.Create, open, use close and save daily work. 
5.Start word processing program 
6.Create, open, use close and save daily work. 
7.Save work on USB ‘smart drives’, Student folders or CDs



1.      Increase in words per minute (WPM) and/or the time reduction to finish typing an article. 

2.      The ability to type material without having to look at the keyboard as they type. 

3.      Building confidence and abilities with word-processing application tools such as cut, paste, style layout and others associated with the program. 

4.      Developing the procedures for saving materials, and the ability to retrieve those files.



Computer Classroom. Students will be faced with learning keyboarding skills via selected programs.  They will progress to reviewing necessary vocabulary words. (see lesson plan vocabulary).  Students will then develop articles and then change them according to correct mistakes.  They will make changes, corrections, and rewrites of articles.


Typing program 
Creating articles 
Copying articles 
Review or edit of articles 
Following article tools for editing


  1. Progressing through typing activities. 
  2. Developing articles and their correction.
  3. Editing their and other student articles.
  4. Preparation of articles for other classes.
  5. Timed exercise throughout the year


  1. Attendance
  2. Students will be given a timed exercise regularly to see if there is an improvement in writing speed and accuracy over the course of the year. Time will be kept in the grade book to look at the historical aspect of the exercise. 
  3. Articles



By its very nature, practice develops the manipulation skills to a finer and finer point.  A variety of projects to develop the skill such as timed exercise that involves the same paragraphs enforces correction.


Once students have mastered the motor skills needed for keyboarding then we continue to build students speed not only in the timed exercise but in other article, and journal exercises.