typer Resume

OBJECTIVESelecting and entering an occupation is one of the most important decisions an individual will make during a lifetime. Students will be introduced to resumes using a wide variety of resources. Using sites given, students will access the Internet to examine examples of resumes and read additional information concerning the preparation of a resume. After examining each resume, students will prepare their own final draft using a word processing program. The resume will be a part of the student's career portfolio.



  1. Completed resume 
  2. Knowledge of preparing document
  3. Ability to prepare and update their document


  1. Competitive  Resume
  2. Ability to find appropriate format
  3. Knowledge of necessary format depending upon position
  4. Knowledge of cover letter



Students will be faced with preparing a resume in order to find the position they seek.  The resume is the first glimpse an employer has to evaluate a canadate.  If the document is not up to standards the students has little hope of being considered for the position in the business community.  There fore, it is essential that students have the necessary skills to develop a good resume and understand the importance of such a document.


  1. In the first class meeting, introduce students to a resume by showing them samples from the
  2. JobSmart (http://www.jobsmart.org/tools/resume/samples.htm) site using either printouts of the samples, a projection device to show the computer pages, or by having students access the site individually or in groups. After reading samples of several different kinds, have a class discussion about the differences and uses of each of the following kinds:

    1. Chronological
    2. Functional
    3. Curriculum Vitae
    4. Electronic resume

    Have students examine and analyze the different types depending on the job and organize the information on a worksheet or word processor.

  3. Access the site Resume building for  information about the necessary steps, which include:

  4. Students follow building a resume
  5. Use Microsoft word the develop correct format based on:
    1. Age
    2. Position 
  6. Understand the components of a resume
  7. Develop a cover letter based on position and resume
  8. Menturing - both student/teacher and Student/Student
  9. After conferring with the instructor, the students will key in their final draft of their resume using authoring or word processor software in the computer lab. Hard copies will be made and added to their career portfolios.


  1. Using computer as a tool 
  2. Looking up information
  3. Determining what is relevant and not relivent information
  4. Using information to develop the resume
  5. Review and editing both own and other students
  6. Journal


  1. Use of computers
  2. Resume
  3. Editing skills - teacher observation


On the spot correction as students go through this project.  Addidtional instruction as necessary to succeed in gathering information, preparing written report and presentation


Journal entry on what is learned.