Microsoft Word
Lesson Plan - Moderate

OBJECTIVE: Students will become familiar with more advanced tips for using Microsoft Word.  Most students are familiar with typing in Word, but they are only aware of the very basic word processing functions, such as copy and paste, that this program has.  This series will reinforce certain more advanced functions students may or may not have learned in the past.  If they know the basics, then this will be a refresher to polish skills. If they are not familiar with these functions then they will be able to learn them and perhaps learn a little about the weather.  Students will be able to put information they learn into other school core class projects.

Students will be working with the following stories, via a Webquest type introduction  For your information the articles students will use are:

Cyclone Hell Oceans Precipitation Timberlines Windfarm

Students will be more knowledgeable and hopefully more confident when given the chance to take pictures.


1.Students become aware of the options that Microsoft Word has 
2.Students become more confident in using or looking items up than before
3.Learn vocabulary words specific with Microsoft Word, that can apply to other word processing applications.


  1. Ability to find URL
  2. Review mataerial and practice material they learn.
  3. Take notes for their journal
  4. Discuss mataerial between / among themselves



Word processing applications are the foundation that the business and individuals use most often.  It is imparative that students have a solid knowledge of word processing in order to communicate with others.  Knowing some of the basic terms and program capabilities is not a 'nice to know' option anymore.  It is critical in order to compete in todays world.  Microsoft Word, for better or worse is the flagship application in word processing.  Skills learned using this program can be applied to other word processing applications with little or no disruption in work.  


Observe student following directions 
Follow student activities 
Review notebooks/journal for completness 


  1. Use of computers. 
  2. Reading Material
  3. Note taking
  4. Following directions
  5. Students discussions


  1. Teacher Observation
  2. Notebook/journal. 
  3. Quiz



By its very nature, practice allows students to gain knowledge.  With several different type of activities, at least one learning activity should apeal to students.  If not, will try and find another one that will.


Additional time working on assignments.