We are lucky to have a astronomy class for this high school.  Lately we have been able to search for ways to assist students to understand some of the concepts and found several applets that will certainly help in this area.  As we find sites they will be listed and hopefully make it a little easier to understand the cosmos.  Other sites for math and sciences will also be listed at the bottom.

Good News
Our astronomy department has had some major upgrades that we want to share with you.  We now have a Schmidt-Cassegrain, Celestron CPC 800 telescope to add to our equipment.  This 8" telescope is HyperStar compatable, which means that we are able to take deep sky images here at Zuni High School.  We hope that you will visit our 'Deep Sky' web site and see how we build our images from Zuni Pueblo.  The two images above are from our 8 inch Celestron telescope, from Starizona, using the HyperStar attachment.

To all those kind folks that have taken the time to master the applet creation, and sharing them with us.  Our hats are off to you all!  Thank you........

Sky view Cafe, This Planetarium is great checking you computer for time hack.
Binary Systems, good way to show binary simulations
I don't know how good the site is but the planets are certainly first class with Dynamical Astronomy JavaLab,
Web simulations from Cornell. They say 101-103 level
Galaxy Transformation - several mpeg shorts
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in this case it is from solar system to start and galaxies
Tetractys Software has some pretty nice ones that can be downloaded.
Astronomy Physlets, great site for items such as:
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Atomic Structures and Spectra
  • Doppler Effect
  • Senses, Mirrors and Prisms
Interactive Sky Charts, great for constellations
Chris Dolan has quite a list
The Interactive Library has quite a list of applets LOTS but I found several didn't work but worth a try.
This is another from NASA having to do with tracking satellites. It also shows day and night series.
Some really compreshensive applets of all kinds. From this library, and simmulations.
Birth and Death of stars on Thinkquest
Assorted science applets.
Quite a few different applets but pretty hard to understand by Strasburg
Good animations of birth and death of stars at Eberly Collage
Breath taking pictures you'll want to look at from Arizona
ESA has quite a few different videos to view on the computer.  Take a few minutes and look this site over.
Planet Impact - Gives you a chance to change some things with Shoemaker-Levy 9.
For those who want to make their own animation of plenets.  Looks interesting. Planet
I don't often use the word awsome, but in this case Space.com link to the best of Hubble Images, is truely breathtaking!
17P/Holmes- turned out to be quite a bit brighter this site shows it orbit as well as other items. It is called Shadows and Substance.
Pulsars, some of the coolest guys in the sky. As they spin the radiation beaming out gives off a pulse.  Want to hear what they sould like? Here is your chance to hear the sounds of Pulsars.
Simulations and animations
A site with interesting facts and items recently happening in the cosmos.
Sky Tellers has some great stuff
Astronomical Applications - by the Naval Observatory, great for sun / moon data, and a whole lot more.
Interesting more detailed on moon phases
Lunar and Planitary animations has some nice time laps
My personal favorate for creating your own star.  This is a great thing!  Build a star and other items
This NASA, site Hinode, is really good for all of the flash, there must some 10 different 'stories' ranging from the story of Hinodes, to pictures of the sun and a lot of explination.  Try it!
A new site that shows videos of different types such as Hypernovas, Pulsars!  Called, All Space Videos.
What are Pulsars, this tutorial makes understanding this star easy.
For those of you who would like a great planetarium called  Stellarium - trust me you will enjoy this  free program!

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