Welcome to Computer Lab at Zuni High School

8 March 2007

Thank you for coming into our class as a guest teacher.  I hope that you will have a pleasant experience.  

Roll Call
As you know we have 4 periods a day plus an activities or advisement period.  Bell schedule -
First Bell
Warning Bell
Tardy Bell - Class Starts
Class ends
Block 1
Warning Bell
Tardy Bell - Class Starts
Class ends
Block 2
Lunch - Teachers may come into room to eat.

Prep 12:20
Block 3
Warning Bell
Tardy Bell - Class Starts
Class ends
Block 4

When the Tardy Bell rings, you are to close the door.  Students know if they are tardy they need to report to the 'Tardy Room'.  They will be there for at least 20 minutes.  Once they return they will give you a 'pink-slip'.  Students are not to be admitted unless they give this paper to you.  Before lunch, please take any / all pink slips to the office and give them to Donna.  At the end of the day pls do the same things.  

The clip board onn the desk has the students name and their locations.  Take roll using this clipboard.  Just mark the students absent with an 'A' and a tardy with a  'T' - on the clipboard , in pencil please.

Students are to sit in their assigned seats, period.  If they are not  in their assigned seats, count them absent, then ask them to move.  I will deduct points from them when I get back.  NO going on the Internet to check email until later - will discuss in a bit.  If they have any questions on what they are to work on just tell them to check their Quia web site!  They will understand, and I doubt that it will come up.


Period 1, 2 and 4 (You have 3rd period as a prep.)
The day will go as follows:  Every class (except activities) starts with:

Quia site
You may check on the computer to see what the students are to be working on.

NO Printing of items in any of my classes- Tell students they will be able to print when I get back.  If one of my students prints something and tries to play doumb, just take the printed document and give it to me.

During the class periods
You may have a teacher come in and ask if they can send some students into work on the computers.  You may allow if:
We are under no obligation to let them in.  You are in charge....

If anyone of my students give you a hard time, make sure that you give me their name, period, and what they did.  I will deal with it when I get back.  -  I say this but I don';t think that you'll have any problems.

Hope it is a good day for you !