typer English Tests
Challenges - Gotta do it!

Before Reading

1. Make Note Cards -similare to flash cards one side word other side definitions.

2.  Take a practice test- ask teachers what material will cover.  Students make a practice test.
3.  Build your Vocabulary-  perhaps a vocab notebook - learn meaning new words.
4.  Learn Key Rules - study rules for grammar, usage, and mechanics of writing fefore taking English tests.

During Reading

Read the Passage Questions
  • Remind students to read the passage carefully first
  • Skim for info to answer the question
  • Don't be surprised if some questions require inferences
Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Questions
  • Questions on grammar, usage and mechanics
  • Students need to know the rules!
  • Which rules? Caps, punctuation, verb/prownown usage, subject-verb agreement
  • You need to be able to apply the rules
Vocab Questions
Vacab questions may be:
  • Definitions
  • Parts of speech
  • Word anologies
  • How words relate to one another

After Reading

Leave a few minutes at the end of test to check and double check answers.
  • Proof reading - Free of obvious errors.
  • Look at the questions that seemed  hardest and check those answers again!

Remember Don't just forget the test when it is over.  Reinforce the test by
  • Talking to a classmate- discuss what they learned -what you learned
  • Test Yourself

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