typer Reading Tests
Life Sucks - Get over it!

Before Reading

Set a Purpose
1.  You need to decide what they want - figuring out what the questions are asking.
2.  Skim to help answer those questions.
Morning of Test -
1. Review notes before school
2. Focus areas giving the most trouble
3. Gather material you need i.e. pens, pencils.
Test time-
Preview entire test before starting.
  • Amt of  time to take the test.
  • Read instructions on marking answers
  • Penalty for wrong answers?
  • See type of questions
  • Any maps, test, diagram passages?

Check mark next to questions think they know - Ans first.
  • Read carefully first and formost
  • Skim - to find for info you need

During Reading

Read the Passage
Use a highlighter / pen key passages or words (if you can)
  • Notes in Margins
  • Sticky notes if OK
Read with a Purpose Read the Question
  • Read each question and possible answers very carefully
  • Understand what information the questions are asking
  • Read every answer before deciding the best one
  • This is easiest way to raise you test scores!
Skim for Answers
  • You may find the exact words of an answer in the passage.
  • Look deeper for the answer
Types of Questions
  • Factual Recall  - Located in the passage.
  • Critical Thinking - You need to make an inference bases on material read
  • Essay - Require careful reading, planning and checking. - What is the question ASKING

Test Usually Organized
  • Easiest Questions First
  • Harder Questions Next
  • Hardest Questions Last

  1. Ask yourself questions
  2. Think about the meaning of the passage and questions
  3. Compare the passage and questions to what you already know
  4. Evaluate the quality of the passage and questions

After Reading

Pause and Reflect Double Check your understanding of the test questions
  • Have I answered every question the best of my ability?
  • Are their any answers I need to rethink or spend more time on?
  • My writing OK - neat and is my spelling and grammar OK?
Reread Visualizing and Thinking Aloud
  • Form pictures in your mind on words in the text
  • Thinking aloud means paraphrasing material with your voice (quietly) can help eleminate a wrong answer.
Remember Don't just forget the test when it is over.  Reinforce the test by
  • Talking to a classmate- discuss what they learned -what you learned
  • Test Yourself

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