Multiple Choice Tests

·        Multiple-choice tests involve selecting the best answer, so keep in mind that some answers may be partially correct. In order for an answer choice to be right, all parts of the answer must be correct: therefore, be sure to read all of the answer choice before making you selection.

·        Carefully read the question stem and identify the key phrase

·        Use the Process of Elimination (POE) to narrow your answer choices and increase you offs of getting the answer right. Mentally reject answers that are clearly wrong and concentrate on ones that could be right.

·        Use the key words from the question to help you select the right answer

·        If the question is a fill-in-the blank or an incomplete statement, fill in your own answer before looking at the choices. Then see if your answer matches the choices given. More than likely, if your answer is among the choices, it is correct.

·        Use you head. Often you can reason answers out by using background knowledge or information from other parts of the test.

·        Do not spend too much time o the one question. Answer and go on- you can always come back.