During a test you need to be aware of the time. You want to work quickly, yet accurately… but you don’t want to rush and make careless mistakes. At the beginning of the test, take a moment to examine the pages, mentally noting how much time each section will take. Then begin working on the test. If you get stuck on a difficult question, select an answer, but do make a not to come back to the question if time remains.


On timed tests, do not depend on the proctor to keep you informed of the time remaining. Also, trying to subtract minutes remaining during the pressure of a test situation just adds to anxiety. The best strategy is to have a watch that is either a stop watch that you are comfortable working or a analogue watch that you can set both hands to twelve (noon). When the proctor says you can begin, just push in the button, and you know that if, for example, you have 35 minutes, the test will be over at 12:35 or 35 minutes, regardless of the real time.