Plus- Minus System

This system helps with pacing, especially on tests that are timed. It is also valuable when questions are worth the same point value, and there is no guessing penalty. Finally, because all questions are answered, it helps you avoid getting off on a scantron sheet.


If you come to a question that is difficult, and you have no clue as to the answer, lightly mark a minus (-) sing next to the number of the question on the scantron, then select your choice on the answer sheet and go on to the next question. When you come to a question that you think is correct, but you want to come back to check, mark a plus (+) sign next to the question number, make your choice, and go on.


If time remains at the end of the test, go back to the plus questions first, reread the question and double-check your answer. If additional time remains, go back to the minus questions, and see if you can reason tem out. Test takers are conditioned to look for the right answer. Some questions, however, will ask you to look for the wrong answer. These questions may state: “All of the following are true EXCEPT…” or “which of the following NOT a characteristic of …is”