typer Standardized Tests
You Gott'm - Want'm

Before Reading
Visit the Test Website
Most have sites that will give the latest and upcoming tests
l #2
Take a Practice Test
Practice tests may be on line or may be preparation booklets available.
Prepare Yourself Mentally and Physically
Enough sleep before taking test.
Deep breathing - positive thinking

During Reading

Preview the Test
Preview if permitted - note pages, types of questions, put checkmarks or stars by those you think you can answer easier
Listen to the Instructuions
Listen very carefully to all verbal instructions noting time limits, penalties for guessing
Read the Directions and Questions
Read Carefully! Mark in booklet? Use a highlighter? pen to mark words?
Read Every Answer!
Read every one of them before making a choice. Some ans may only be half true!
Eliminate the Wrong Answer
Eliminate answer possibioities that are obviously wrong.
Make Educated Guess
Not mean randomly answer. Gather all info you can before marking an answer!

After Reading

Leave a few minutes at the end to check and couble check your answers.