typer Writing Tests
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Before Reading

1. Review the Basics -Know the basic rules for correcting errors in sentences, frags, run-ons,subject-verb

2.  Complete 1 or more practice tests or test questions- practice tests and question are often available.
3. Talk to other who have taken the test in the past-  pquestions may change but chances are the from of the test will stay the same
4.  Get a Plan - go into the test with a plan on how you are going organize  the essays.

Preview a Writing Test - See what kinds of queestions are on it - what sort of essay you will  have to write.

During Reading

Tip #3 Read the Directions
Need to read the directions carefully.
Tip #4 Read the Possible Answers Carefully
  • Multiple-choice - all possibilities
  • Don't mark first choice that seems plausible
  • Many answers may be partially correct
  • Mark as correct the one that is completely true
Tip #5 Read the Writing Prompt
Common types of prompts.
  • Prompt #1 - Personal - Your are asked to write about a personal experience or belief
  • Prompt #2 - Social - Your are asked to give your opinion about a social problem or issue.
  • Prompt #3 - Academic - You are asked to write about a piece of literature, an event in history, or something else you've learned about in school
Tip #6 Use a Writing plan
  1. Writing the Topic Sentence 
  2. Supporting your Topic Sentence
  3. Concluding the Essay

After Reading

Go Back 
  • Proof reading - Free of obvious errors.
  • Checklist below!

  • Have I answered the essay question clearly and completely?
  • Is my main idea clear?
  • Have I included a least three details as support for my main idea?
  • Is my essay easy to follow with a clear introduction, body, and conslusion?

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